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Innovative Fleet Management  (IFM) has been providing the transportation industry with solid risk management consulting for 20 years. Education and empowerment are the foundations IFM is built on; which has only strengthened over the test of time.  

IFM has assisted small to medium sized organizations through various industry wide changes.  We were there to offer sound advice during the HOS milestones in 2003 & 2007. In the mid 2000's IFM was very strong in assisting fleets through facility audits and sanctions. In recent years we have been assisting carriers transition to ELD hours of service management.

With the Global Pandemic impacting everyone on the planet. IFM can't ignore the to need contribute. In 20 years IFM has benefitted from referral business only; therefore we quickly created this website to reach and assist small transportation companies. It can be challenging to navigate through unknown territory, we understand that our economy has been severely impacted. We have made innovative transitions to significantly reduce our own operating costs, so we may "pay it forward". We can help you decipher the laws, waivers, as well as potential government relief programs. We are here to help you stay focused on keeping your team safe, and employed while you continue to achieve and maintain your safety goals.

Our source of income comes from 2 programs, ELD/ HOS and the Collection Site. Supporting us in these regulated areas, during the COVID-19 situation allows us to offer consulting free of charge. The more support received in these areas, we hope to possibly suspend the fee permanently.

Health and Safety has never been more important.

Be Safe, Be Well     

Deb & Mel

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dEBBIE Dionne (hAYDL)


"Trucking" runs deep in my blood. Coming from the "yard brat" generation I evolved to have a keen ability to "roll on" through the ever changing regulations. My formal career began in 1989 as a Dispatcher.


In 1997, I opened Alloy Transport. A small cross border fleet. After 2 years, of successful, yet challenging times, Alloy was sold. I moved on to manage a mid sized flatbed fleet. At this time I was part of the first-generation recruiters to introduce new faces of immigrant drivers into an industry that was primarily racially stagnant. This is when I discovered my passion for being an ear and voice for small business' and commercial motor vehicle drivers. Today I still feel honoured for these experiences.

In 2000, my entrepreneurship spirit and desire for equality and fairness within the industry led me to opening Innovative Fleet Management (IFM). 

My understanding of driver behavior combined with a lifetime experience in operations presents me with a unique style to teach and implement risk management practices that work! 


I am excited to contribute on a larger scale and offer my best resources. Education and Empowerment that can Elevate you to the next level! 


Melissa Saunders


I come to IFM with over 20 years industry experience.  I started as a part time invoice clerk and quickly realized my passion for supply chain.  I have a well-rounded carrier in transportation that ranges from administration, warehousing, dispatch, brokerage, customs, safety and compliance, as well as role in middle management.

Be it finding transportation solutions to ship mining equipment to the remote North, or easing a drivers’ mind by answering a HOS question. This practical knowledge allows me to problem solve and strategize quickly and efficiently. It also allows me to support my clients with sound, effective no nonsense advice. I can see situations differently than most providing quick and solutions often not seen by others.

My transportation network is vast and provides me with valuable resources and contacts that can be passed onto my clients.

I thrive on, the daily challenges and obstacles transportation presents. The forever changing markets to the constant change in regulations, I will be there for you!

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